creepy summer

by creepy marbles




For Jah Bork and Backwoods Baglady, it was an indelible summer of creepy beard-o proportions: the chocolate syrup dress of 1985 kissing the candy waterfall of 2009, a crystalline substance formed in the fires of goatz; before the phantom onus fell down the flight of scrote into tha Wall of Haim; the purple sky vomiting paisley grooves into the malleable minds of the marbles; the numerous chugglyavocadosprout sandwiches sacrificed to the throbb.


released August 8, 2009

recorded in summer 2009 by the creepy marbles:
Jah Bork: vocals, bass, percussion, guitars
Backwoods Baglady: keyz, beetz, loops, samples
eeeeeeee: vox, guitar




creepy marbles Eureka, California


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Track Name: Legendary Highs
Renew my prescription to the crucifiction
Dually noted, dead and bloated
Shall I recite for you, the history of these lies?
Thousands of other visions obscuring legendary highs
Track Name: what i want 2 see
What I wanna see
What I want I see

I see what I wanna see
Colors split amid clean certainty
I see what I wanna see
Don't need no fake cliff to jump-believe
I see what I wanna see
Caterwauling towards polyphony
I see what I wanna see
Chemicals attaching you to me

I see what I wanna see
Colors split amid clean certainty
I see what I wanna see
Dreams of light and newfound urgency
I see what I wanna see
Don't need no fake cliff to jump-believe
I see what I wanna see
Blue and green supplant uncertainty
Track Name: creepy sumner
She had some kind of courage that we had never seen
She had some kind of wisdom, didn't need to scream
She had some kind of power that we had yet to know
Her words made a river that always seemed to flow

Is she waiting, shall it be?
Has she fallen to the sea?
Climbing mountains in her mind
Floating calmly above the grind

You ever speak so softly, you think no one hears?
When the truths you utter, live on for years
You can trim some branches, or you can plant a tree
Which in a couple of decades, will tower over me

Sound and Vision, brought to life
Words are sharper than any knife
Incomplete still, that may be
Loving hands seem to strangle me
A million faces bathed in light
Quickly fading into the night
It's an ocean, I can't I cross
Though respected, it's a loss
Track Name: i wanna be like macaroni!
I wanna be like Macaroni
I wanna feed your whole family

I know breathing
I know feeling
No walls and no ceiling
I know feeling, I know yearning
When your insides are burning

I wanna be like Macaroni
I wanna bleed, I ain't no phony

I wanna breed some shetland ponies
I wanna speak like Macaroni

Some shetland ponies
Track Name: dahdeduhbasement
I met her in the basement
I knew what that smile on her face meant
Little did I know she'd blow my brains out on the pavement

She'd said we'd spend the whole night together
We spent the next day in bed hiding from the weather
I turned and said "it's getting cold in here"
We put on socks and then we leaned against the heat

You know that girl really warms me up
When we're subterranean, we're gonna get a bit rough
I never want to be let out of here
I'd sell off all my shit and then I guess just disappear
Into a basement that ain't warm enough
Keeps me all walled up where I can't get any of my stuff

I met her in the basement