tha chuggly throbb

by creepy marbles

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an eeeeeeelectro-decomposing bubble junk opera


Our sordid pals Backwoods Baglady and Jah Bork (and an undulating throbb of junk pop) visit a series of pretentiously cucurbitacious planetoids orbiting a Corpulent, Corporate Teenage Santa Klaus within the Swing Saw Solar System. Prompted by ethereal space soups and a mysterious beacon, our avuncular adventurers voyage to the Planet of the Dinosaurs where they encounter Tha Chuggly Throbb, a namaste shadow cult of jaded breakbeat youths.

Behold! as the Creepy Marbles discover the Ancients of Life, Opportunity, Sadness Molasses, Ineffable Intonations, Stagnant Flesh, Glad Vag, Videotape Slizz, Etc. and the Callous Throbb of Environmental Anti-Chuggl

Gasp! in hushed tones at the mere experiences related in garishly 80's movie montage form: Jah Bork sneezes in revelry! schmieshmar aggdornaut dispatches the Jellybean Phantom Slownus with a vorpal blade! emcee fee-seize burns down the shaman-zoo, dons tha chocolate syrup dress in a last-ditch effort! Baglady falls down a flight of nebulae, behind the stale guffaws of a failed sitcom's laugh track! and more!


released July 4, 2011

backwoods baglady: vocks, keyz, beatz, sampz, loopz, producktion, etc.
jah bork: vocks, bass, guitar, some keyz, sampz, etc.
schmieshmar "the dog" aggdornaut: keyz, guitar on 1, vocks, samps
eeeeeeee: vocks on 5
emcee fee-seize: rapz, superfluous spiritual presence on 1, 6, 9
emcee foxxy newport: rapz on 3, 10
kermit tha squid: background vocks
dick thrillhouse: gameboy slizz, discount turkish furniture on 1, 2


songs by tom vidosh and patrick tabor
except 4 by tom vidosh, 8 & 9 by patrick tabor, and 5 & 10 by tom vidosh and erika bojnowski




creepy marbles Eureka, California


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Track Name: want u 2 know (con chile y limon)

10 new varieties: multiple flavrs
crystallinedeath and immigration paperz!
Track Name: the bed i made (filth)
I've gotta lie in the bed I made
Like cool crooks living off marmalade
30,000 coins we've scraped and saved will suit us well in our garish graves

Eat, sleep, push, pull
Done With School

Fry, Bake, Lift, Shove
No more rules

Dried out, sighed out
Grab your tools

Prayed up, layed up
Holy Fools

Cracked and backed by currency
Faking my emergencies
A put-on, played out urgency
Swallowed by our agency
Track Name: suck-suckin' da spleen ween (this is a devil's song!)
Inside of a dream she was seldom obscene
With sleepy sheep, sweep-sweeping the beach
All Hallow's Ween Suck-sucking my spleen
He drove away, pump-pumping the beats
And of those beats he chose just a few
To give to her, choo-choosing the words
And when the words melt into the sun
She fell asleep with the words sung unsung
All Hallows' Ween pluck-plucking the strings
Up On his grave where the man-mantis prayed
Suck-sucking spleens inside of a dream
Make-making the most out of seven dead ghosts

All Hallows' Ween pluck-plucking the strings
Up On his grave where the man-mantis prayed
Suck-sucking spleens inside of a dream
Make-making the most out of seven dead ghosts
Track Name: k1ll zon3 b4By 2 dop3 2 fre$h
Zoning in on the Mind of a killer baby

Don't even look in the fresh-formed clay for transition,
You'll be a sorry sight to someone's starry-eyed sister

Screaming up at the squirrels in the trees that hate me
Oh, Oh Oh

It's that tenfold-touch of a fledgling fresh dragon lady
From folding trash in bags she found for windbreaking safety
Track Name: sunblecch'd
Well I can talk about the cypress lining avenues
Populating all of my wet dreams
Glory be to living green and somnambulance
Bumping into trees is not as fun as it seems

Tasting Soil, Smelling the rocks
Staying loyal, avoiding the cops

Now I can't brag about the rings I've scored all up in core
So there's no point in even cutting me open
Tracing circles from the inside working your way out
But I don't even have a xylem or phloem

Wasting Daylight, Shame on You
Blame bad eyesight, staying cool

It's never where I thought it was
But I keep digging in because
I never looked away
Or heard a word they'd say

And I can tell when you're not listening
That tiny sawing sound you make with your teeth
Sand and saltwater in motion that is glistening
No longer lapping at the shore of my feet

It's not like that, I'm still the one
I'm 5 billion, exploding the sun

In 1000 years he'll never even call you back
1000 empires still cling to his sheets
Do you feel inspired when somebody's inside of you?
Or like a soulless slapping slab of raw meat