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Well I can talk about the cypress lining avenues
Populating all of my wet dreams
Glory be to living green and somnambulance
Bumping into trees is not as fun as it seems

Tasting Soil, Smelling the rocks
Staying loyal, avoiding the cops

Now I can't brag about the rings I've scored all up in core
So there's no point in even cutting me open
Tracing circles from the inside working your way out
But I don't even have a xylem or phloem

Wasting Daylight, Shame on You
Blame bad eyesight, staying cool

It's never where I thought it was
But I keep digging in because
I never looked away
Or heard a word they'd say

And I can tell when you're not listening
That tiny sawing sound you make with your teeth
Sand and saltwater in motion that is glistening
No longer lapping at the shore of my feet

It's not like that, I'm still the one
I'm 5 billion, exploding the sun

In 1000 years he'll never even call you back
1000 empires still cling to his sheets
Do you feel inspired when somebody's inside of you?
Or like a soulless slapping slab of raw meat


from tha chuggly throbb, released July 4, 2011




creepy marbles Eureka, California


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